30 Timeless Movies That Will Never Get Old, No Matter How Much We Watch Them

Grab your popcorn

We all have movies that we never get tired of watching. Whether it’s a childhood cartoon or a cult favorite, certain films just don’t disappoint, no matter how many times we see them. Movies allow us to escape all the stresses of life and be somewhere else for a moment. They help us to open our minds to new possibilities and inspire us to think outside of the norm. Since we’re constantly consuming social media, sometimes it’s necessary to put down our phones and get lost in a good story. So grab the popcorn and queue up Netflix because we’ve got 30 timeless movies that will never get old.

1. The Sandlot:

2. Titanic:

3. Bridesmaids:

4. The Breakfast Club:

5. Basically Anything Harry Potter:

6.  Step Brothers:

7. Forrest Gump:

8. The Hunger Games Trilogy:

9. Jaws:

10. Fight Club: