As If They Weren’t A Perfect Couple Already, Mila Kunis Says Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Annoy Her

Mila Kunis Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn stopped by the set of E! News to promote their new movie “Bad Moms Christmas” and were asked a bunch of personal questions about their families and their marriages. When asked about what their kids or husbands do to annoy them? Well – Mila Kunis’ response was both equally romantic, adorable and down-right depressing for us all.

She basically said that Ashton Kutcher doesn’t annoy her at all. This is the guy who was hosting “Punk’d” on MTV for countless years and Michael Kelso from “That 70’s Show.” But, nonetheless, she said that he doesn’t annoy her one bit. She couldn’t even think of one thing. If you asked me what my boyfriend does to annoy me, I’ll be here writing a long-form op-ed article until the sun goes down, folks. While it’s adorable, it’s also depressing to us ladies that are annoyed AF with our partners. Why can’t they be more like Ashton, huh?

Don’t worry – it gets even mushier and sadder.

Kunis added that:

We still love and really like each other, daily. I have an unbelievable partner in crime, I really do. And I’m so grateful for it every single day.

Cue. The. Tears. Am I crying because I’m moved by how in love they are or am I crying because I want someone to love me that much? It’s up in the air, folks. But, enjoy the rest of your afternoon feeling like a lonely sack of sh*t.