25 Times Blake Lively Was The Funnier One In The Relationship

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are what some would call celebrity #CoupleGoals. They are adorable and beautiful and rub each other’s backs on the red carpet. They are also incredibly funny. Although we have noticed that Ryan is constantly touted as “The Funny One”. I mean, sure, he’s got a fantastic Twitter, but as the saying goes, behind every funny man is an equally-if-not-more-funny woman.

And it isn’t just because she responded to this “happy birthday” Instagram post…

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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With this “happy birthday” Instagram post:

It’s because she is genuinely hilarious! Here are 24 more times Blake gave her husband a run for his money in the “really really funny” department.

24. The time she made a tribute to John Legend at an event honoring Ryan Reynolds:

23. The time she made this face to wish her nephew a happy birthday:

When that horrible aunt facetimes her nephew to wish him a happy 13th birthday… like he cares. #FutureCatLady

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22. The time she had to give credit where credit was due. I mean, it’s Helen Mirren!

21. The (relatable) time she was Ursula instead of the princess…

Everyone thinks I was inspired by the princesses. If they only knew…

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20. And the time she made this comparison: