6 Red Flags That Mean You’re In A Really Toxic Relationship

4. Your SO goes through instant mood swings.

One second they are so in love with you and the next they don’t want to be bothered. Hello? Does that not seem sketchy to you? Your SO may blame these mood swings on their own emotional state but this is definitely something to keep an eye out for. Especially because if mood swings truly are about of who they are mental, that may be something you’ll have to deal with forever. If the mood swings aren’t legit they probably are just an excuse for this questionable behavior and by the questionable behavior I mean when he/she is MIA for a few hours it is not because they are napping.

5. They are not open about their past AKA too secretive.

The honeymoon stage is all fine and dandy until you realize you know nothing about you SO past and you ask them about their past partners and they freak. If they were never open about their past, their friends or their family from the beginning they are probably hiding something. Don’t let the overly loving and affectionate stage of the relationship blind you from seeing that there is a lot in your SO past than you think.

6. Your SO feels the need to have your phone, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook….(Whatever social media you’re using these days) password.

This crosses a major line of privacy which I am here to remind you that you still have even when you are in a serious relationship. If you and your SO trust each other there is no need to have all of their social media information. It is already hard enough to manage one Instagram account, do you really think your SO needs to be managing more because I don’t think so.