Grab The Popcorn: Messy Feud Between The ‘It’ Cast And A Makeup YouTuber Is Insane

Do you know who James Charles is? He’s a popular makeup artist with over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. You may also remember him from this CoverGirl ad:

Now he’s making news for an entirely different reason altogether, and that reason is he is a grown man feuding on Twitter with the children of It. Like, the overwhelmingly popular horror film based off the Stephen King novel It.

It all started several weeks ago when Charles started tweeting about how much he hated the film while actually sitting in the movie theatre, watching it. Here are the since-deleted tweets:

After some probably-deserved backlash, he went on to expound on his reasons for disliking It which literally just came down to “not enough jump scares.”

It’s like, whatever, to each his own. But then Finn Wolfhard, who plays the lovable Richie Tozier called Charles out on being on his phone in the movie in the first place, which is the most obnoxious thing you can do short of talking during a movie.

This caused James Charles to backpedal and tweet an insane video of himself, which got most people off his back for hating on It…

But not for tweeting from a movie theatre during a movie.

Anyway, this all probably would’ve been dead and forgotten if James Charles hadn’t stirred the pot by posting a makeup tutorial to his YouTube channel in which he explains how to do Pennywise makeup, just in time for Halloween.

In the intro for the video, James admits people will say it's "hypocritical" and "ironic" of him to do this video after all the initial It drama. Boy, was that the understatement of the century.

 In the video’s intro James Charles acknowledges people will call him “hypocritical” and “ironic” for doing the video after hating on the movie. And they did! One of those people happened to be Wyatt Oleff, who plays Stanley in the movie. The 14-year-old came through with a roast 

Then James Charles said he wouldn’t apologize for the tutorial because he already apologized, then Wyatt said he was making a joke, but James said it was an unnecessary one because he’d already tried to squash the beef and It fans were “dragging him left and right.” 

Then James Charles said “thank you sister” which presumably is a gay man term of endearment, and Wyatt corrected him to say “brother**, and Charles made a joke, and Nicholas Hamilton who plays the blonde mullet jerk in It was OVER IT.

Where were you earlier, Nicholas? This exchange could’ve been about a million times juicier! Stay tuned for more teenage Twitter drama y’all.