The 20 Do’s & Don’ts Of Getting Over A Really Sh*tty Breakup


1. Wallow in your unhappiness.

Everyone needs time to heal and cope, it’s natural. But, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from living your life because you went through some trauma. You may feel heartbroken and devastated, but life will always go on after he’s gone. It’s best to give yourself some time, but don’t stay home every single night crying in bed.

2. Ignore your friend’s efforts.

Your friends will try to get you to go out and party or come over to see them. Don’t start ignoring them and pushing them away when you need them the most. They may not understand everything you’re going through, but they are also trying to be there for you and pull you out of your funk. Let them.

3. Turn to alcohol or drugs

I have friends who turned into big, big drinkers after they broke up with a guy. While going out and letting loose is a great idea, don’t turn to alcohol has a coping mechanism to ease your pain. Eventually, you’re going to feel incomplete without it and it will turn into a bigger problem.

4. Enter a relationship right away.

Give yourself time to heal and learn from your past. Entering a new relationship before you’re ready will set yourself up for disaster. Plenty of times, there are things you need to grow from and learn before beginning a brand new relationship with someone new.

5. Bad mouth your ex all over town.

They may have done something really f*cked up like cheat and lie, but bad mouthing your ex will only bring you down further. They are no longer part of your life, so don’t let them live in your head, rent-free. Sure, people will ask you what happened, just tell them “it didn’t work out,” and move on. You’re better than that.