5 Things You Should Probably Still Be Raging About From This Week

It’s Friday, and the weekend is within your grasp. Soon you’ll be drinking, sleeping in, brunching, and living it up for like 5 minutes until it’s Monday again. But NOT SO FAST!

You’re not off the hook yet. In this world of rage-inducing bulls**, you have to stay sharp. That’s why we went back through the week and picked out the stories we think you should still be mad about. Don’t let them ruin your weekend, but keep them in the back of your mind like a grenade with the pin pulled.

1. Blake Lively was also sexually harassed, and ignored by her producers.

Blake Lively is the latest Hollywood actress to share a story about being sexually harassed on set with nothing being done about it. She spoke to the Los Angeles Times about a makeup artist who insisted on putting on her lipstick with his finger, and once filmed her while she was sleeping.

After taking the issue to her producers, they did nothing. Except complain about her dog pooping.

2. Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter.

Rose McGowan, who’s been one of the loudest voices in the Harvey Weinstein scandal — as well as the newly growing Ben Affleck scandal — was suspended from Twitter on Thursday for….?????? The official reason was “Tweets that violate our rules.” but we all know it’s a little bit more “Stop causing trouble, lady.”


No word yet on when the accounts of white supremacists, people spewing racial epithets by the dozens, literal terrorists, and the man trying to incite a nuclear holocaust will be suspended. I’m sure it’ll be real soon.

3. A guy tried to explain the origin of Indiana Jones’ costume to the woman who literally created it.

One of the most perfectly rage-inducing examples of mansplaining the world has ever seen was presented this week by screenwriter Max Landis, who’s mom was the costume designer on Raiders of The Lost Arc. 

You can read the full story here, but needless to say, you will want to murder a man named Stanley.

4. The Rick and Morty fandom decided packets of sauce were worth rioting over.

Oh Rick and Morty. Never has a better show been so thoroughly tainted by its toxic fan base.

This week, droves of Rick and Morty fans went to select McDonald’s locations to get their hands on some limited edition Szechuan sauce — because there was a joke about it on the show. Yup! That’s the whole reason.

McDonald’s vastly underestimated how much demand there would be and a lot of people didn’t get their precious sauce, which led to scenes like this:

Cool. Imagine if there were actual injustices in the world? These bros would be all over it, right?

5. People were utterly bewildered at the fact that Ashley Graham works out.

Body-positive model Ashley Graham is known for her epic curves and her incredible candidness when it comes to her body and how society sees beauty. When she posted an Instagram video of herself working out at the gym, some folks were confused.

“You’ll never be skinny, so stop trying.” wrote one commenter. “Nice, but I thought she loved her body,” wrote another. Yeah, because the gym is only for people who hate their body, right? Also — and this is the larger point — shut the f*** up. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. WHO RAISED YOU?!