10 Killer Skincare Tips To Give Your Face That Magic Glow

Oh how we all wish we could have that perfect flawless skin, but sadly that’s never going to happen – so don’t get your hopes up. Some women are lucky and were born with beautiful skin, some were not. And, unless we’re a celebrity that can spend thousands on treatments and professional makeup artists, we’re probably not going to get that picture perfect, the flawless skin we see in photos.

There are so many different things out there that damage our skin each day. From aging, sun damage, people smoking – you name it. But don’t you worry there are ways to make your skin look and feel better. Smart skincare routines are all it takes that will make a huge difference. You must nurture it from the inside out.

1. Be Simple.

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You don’t need a million different skin care products. This is the time were you should probably throw out and get rid of some of them and only have a few different skin care products. Trying too many can actually damage your skin. So let’s just stick to a few good skin care products shall we.

2. Clean your face the right way.

Yes there really is a right way to wash your face. Wash your face using circular motions, this will help stimulate the blood flow for a healthy glow. You can do this manually by using your hands or there are products on the market that can help you.

3. Eat clean.

Be sure to choose nutrient-rich foods over processed foods. Yeah yeah we all love our junk food but having too much of it can cause skin problems. Opt for whole grains, omega-3’s, and complex carbs. Eating greasy and oily foods can also negatively affect your skin, so stay away from foods high in fat and grease.

4. Exercise Often

Getting in a good workout helps get circulation going and stimulates the lymphatic system which will bring nutrients to the skin and carries away the waste. Exercising also tightens the skin. But, make sure you wash your face after that sweaty workout so you don’t get breakouts!

5. Get plenty of sleep.

You may want to call it Beauty Sleep. Research has shown that a lack of sleep can make you get those raccoon eyes nobody likes to have. Try to aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a night if possible.