7 Reasons Why I’ll Always, Unapologetically, Choose My Career Over A Man

4. I won’t just throw my talent away for someone else.

I truly believe that everyone is given a special gift in life, something they are just incredibly great at. For me, I have always lived and breathed writing. Ever since I was young, I’ve written journals, poetry, short stories, op-ed’s – I was the student that wanted to write essays in class because it came so naturally to me. Giving up my writing and my career is like slapping God in the face – saying I don’t want this gift and that it’s worthless to me. No man can ever come between that.

5. I won’t feel bad about a man being insecure over how much money make.

Whenever a man finds out that I make more money than he does, he gets weirdly uncomfortable. Why is it such a big deal in society if a woman makes more money than a man? Why do men need to boost their egos so much and know that they make more money than the person they are dating? What is the f*cking problem with everyone? I don’t need to dumb myself down or “work less” so that a man can feel more like a “man” and make more money than I do.

6. I never want my entire happiness to depend on someone else.

When I’m in a relationship, obviously the person I am with is going to contribute to my happiness in my life at that point in time. But, I will never let someone be my “end all, be all” happiness. That’s actually super unhealthy. If you don’t have something of your own that contributes to your own happiness and emotional well-being, that person will have complete control over you. God forbid something happens to them, or you two break-up/get divorced – then what?

7. I know that there is someone out there who will value me for all I am – and how hard I work.

I know that most men will have something to say about how hard I work and how often I am on my computer, on my phone or running around for work. I know that most men will feel as though they are not a “priority” in my life when I would rather read up on trending topics and stories online for the following morning than watch the same movie for the 10th time on a Thursday night. I know that most men will be unhappy with how often I decide to work.

But, I know that there are men out there who work just as hard as I do, have worked hard for what they have like I have and will value my work ethic just as much as I do. I know that there are men out there who will take pride in dating a woman who gets her own, goes after what she wants and is powerful with or without him. I know that one day I’ll end up with a man who will love me for how hard I work, and not inspite of it.