If These 11 Things Happen In Your Long-Term Relationship, It’s Never Going To Work

9. Constant comparison to other people/couples.

Your relationship is unique and different than anyone else’s because you and your partner are unique and different people. There is no couple or relationship that is the same or will work the same as yours. That’s the reason why it’s toxic to ever compare yourself or your relationship to other people. If your partner is upset because you don’t work the same way as a friend of theirs, or if you’re unhappy because your partner doesn’t treat you the way someone else’s partner does – you need to take a step back and realize the damage that is being done.

10. The constant fear of the end.

If you’re constantly worried that your relationship is going to end and you’re constantly fearing a breakup, you’re never going to be comfortable and satisfied. If you and your partner argue that often and it always reaches the point of “the end,” then this isn’t the relationship that is going to sustain itself. If you were with someone that you thought was actually “the one” you wouldn’t be stressing so much over the little things. If you keep worrying about “what if” you will never appreciate “what is.”

11. Wanting completely different things.

If you are someone who is absolutely sure of what they want in life – marriage, children, a house – and your partner is someone who doesn’t believe in those things, as much as you may love them, down the road these issues with manifest and become much harder to deal with. Sometimes, it’s easier to date someone who is as sure of what they want as you are to save yourself the heartbreak down the road, no matter how much you love the person you are with.