Isla Fisher Has Something To Say About People Constantly Confusing Her To Amy Adams

“It’s not that confusing…”

Isla Fisher is actually from Australia and has starred in films like “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and “The Great Gatsby.” Meanwhile, Amy Adams was actually born in Vicenza, Italy but grew up in Colorado. Amy can be seen in movies like “Enchanted” and “Man of Steel.” Although both women do conveniently alter our eyesight by having red hair, somewhat pale complexion, and short stature, it’s safe to say that Amy has blue eyes and Isla has brown.

I’m pretty sure that after looking at them side by side you got brain f*cked. It’s ok though because you weren’t the only one confusing the two. While on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Isla shared that even Lady Gaga mistook one from the other but she was just such a big fan that she didn’t have the balls to correct her.

But that wasn’t all. Isla made sure to set the record straight once and for all that Amy Adams and Isla Fisher are two completely different people.

Well, now that THAT is clear – are we supposed to just sit here and not have anyone explain this?