I Tried Target’s New $5 Wines And My Life Will Never Be The Same

Great for: Liquid courage, liquid blanket, before/during/after a breakup, drinking on a cliff or rooftop somewhere chilly.

3. Moscato

I’m not crazy about sweet wines, partly because the saccharine taste has always seemed overwhelming to me, partly because the inevitable headache from sweet booze is a hell like nothing else in this world.

BUT!!! This Moscato may actually be worth that headache. Genuinely, I could not be more surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Sweet without being cloying, it reminded me of creamy champagne and fresh melon and sundresses. 10/10.

Great for: Sipping on while reading a sexy spy thriller (hmu for recommendations) while snacking on a pint of fresh blueberries.

4. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is like the Basic Betty of wines. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It serves its purpose, being the booze of choice to pair with fish and…uh…that’s it. Personally, I found this version almost a little too sweet, vibrant, and fun for a Pinot. It’s almost like, stay in your lane, dude! Ironic, seeing as this bottle is the emptiest. No doubt I’ll still finish the bottle by weekend’s end. Just like the rest of the wines on this list, it’s 5 BONES so you can’t truly go wrong here.

Great for: Drinking like water until it hits you all at once and before you know it you’ve lost your shoes and dignity.

5. Chardonnay

Chardonnay has always been one of my least favorite boozes, way down there with the foul black licorice undertones of Jägermeister (When you type in “Jagermeister black…” the word “poop” autofills) and cake-flavored vodka (DON’T @ ME, 16-year-olds). Chardonnay usually tasted like buttery seashells. It makes sense if you think about it.

That being said, California Roots Chardonnay isn’t just Not Bad, I’d actually call it Fairly Good and that is a Big Compliment considering my aversion to Chardonnays. It’s crisp and fruity, oaky and creamy, and not at all buttery seashelly.

Great for: Day drinking at the farmer’s market or the beach.