26 Bullsh*t Things That Are Totally Acceptable When You’re Hot, But Not When You’re Ugly

16. Omvega:

A bold fashion choice. For example, wearing baggy/distressed clothes is a look when you’re skinny and attractive, but can be seen as sloppy if you’re unattractive or fat.

17. fh3131:

making a lot of eye contact or smiling at a stranger

18. Einmanabanana:

Weirdly, being polite to the opposite sex. I’m generally a very polite and friendly person. When I was fat men would constantly go out of their way to make sure I knew they had no interest even though I hadn’t given any hint at being interested and was already in a relationship. Now that I’ve lost weight everyone’s a LOT nicer.

19. IAmSomewhatHappy:

I am sure more good looking people get away with shit personalities

20. Ultra_Brain_Fart:

Being lazy/unemployed or working a shit job. Attractive people tend to get the “he/she is finding their way in life” excuse, as though the only reason they’re working at KFC is to afford their modelling/sports career. Others just get “he/she needs to stop being so fat and lazy and get a real job. I bet he/she eats all the chicken and has no friends etc etc”. People are judgemental bastards.