26 Bullsh*t Things That Are Totally Acceptable When You’re Hot, But Not When You’re Ugly

11. napoleoninrags98:

Winking seductively, I would say. I do agree with others though – just about everything is socially unacceptable if you’re ugly.

12. Thotsakan:

Literally just existing and talking to people. There’s a guy at work named Sean. Sean is unfortunate looking. He’s a redhead, he’s balding, yet his sides and back are pretty long, he doesn’t cut his nose hairs, he’s constantly red/pink, pot bellied, and yeah he kind of lingers around your desk and talks a bit too much.

Problem is, we all kind of do that… you know… overstaying your cubicle visit or whatever. Everyone at work thinks he’s creepy. They all think he’ll shoot up the place or maybe will eventually be banned from entering a school zone. TBH, Sean is a sweet, nice dude. He’s your nerdy, 40-year old virgin type of dude. He’s got a lot of friends, from what I can tell on Facebook, and practically zero work friends. He plays on different softball and bowling teams, goes out to bars with his friends, and from what I can tell, seems perfectly normal.

I talk to him every so often and he’s a really nice guy. I visited his desk and he said I was the first person to visit him (he started here maybe 6 months ago…) It’s very unfortunate for him that people think of him this way. I know for a fact that if he was skinnier, had hair, and wasn’t ugly that people wouldn’t think he’s creepy at all.

13. KingShish:


14. runarnar:

Being quiet/introverted.

If you’re attractive, then you’re “cute” or “sweet” or “reserved”.

If you’re ugly, then you’re “awkward” or “creepy” or “have no life”.

15. CombatMeatBro:

Being socially forward. Interrupting people while talking, hitting on people, giving unsolicited advice, etc. Being attractive gives you an automatic +4 to charisma.