7 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Cut yourself some slack.

We all hit a point in our lives where we’re standing between a rock and a hard place. We’re confused about where we are going, how we got there and what the F*CK we’re going to do next. It’s like we’re standing on the edge of a cliff, unsure where we’re supposed to go.

When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s only natural that you feel down on yourself. You begin to breakdown and beat yourself up over everything that’s gone wrong up until this very point in time. You shouldn’t have chose that major. You shouldn’t have turned down that job offer. You shouldn’t have dumped that guy.

It’s really easy to blame our current situation on our past decisions, mainly, because we can’t go back and change them. But, the truth is, when we get into dark, desolate places like this – we’re actually doing better than we give ourselves credit for.

1) You’re Unsatisfied With Where You Are: 

While you may be unhappy where you ended up at this point in time, it means that you know your self worth. You know that you deserve the absolute best and you won’t settle for temporary happiness. You know that it takes bravery to realize you need to make changes, and it takes brass balls to make those changes.

2) You Feel Lost: 

You’re lost because you know that there is something wrong and you recognize it. You’re lost because you are unsure of where you are meant to be, which, is more than most people can say. People far too often believe they have life figured out and know exactly where they should be. Many times, they’re left disappointed. It’s okay to try things out and figure out what works best for you.

3) You’ve Been Hurt: 

When you’re hurt, you learn how to deal with disappointment. Learning to deal with let downs is a crucial part of living life, not everything is sunshines and rainbows everyday. Knowing how to handle yourself in unfortunate situations where we don’t always get what we hope for prepares us for the future.

4) You Quit a Job:

Not every job is going to last forever. In order to gain experience and know what will work best for us, we need to try numerous things out. Leaving a place where you work is not a weakness, it’s a strength in knowing you want better for yourself.

5) You’re Trying To Grow Into a Better Person:

Knowing that there are things wrong means that you are trying to strive for growth, and not only for yourself, but for everyone else who is valuable in your life. When you want to make changes for yourself and your life overall, you most of the time are doing it for the better. When we push ourselves to succeed in life, we are better people for it.

6) You’ve Lost Someone: 

Pain and suffering is an inevitable part of life. When we lose someone, sometimes, we are never the same. It changes us and shapes us for our futures. When you feel that gut-wrenching pain in your chest after you know you lost someone who will never be coming back, it means that you are alive and now have a reason to be the best version of yourself possible – for them.

7) You’ve Made Mistakes: 

Who hasn’t? Not one person in this world can whole heartedly say that they’ve never made a mistake. Mistakes are a valuable aspect to life, as long as we learn from them. The more mistakes we make, the more lessens we learn and prevent repeating in the future.