This Is How You Know It’s Time For You To Move On

It’s a universal truth that the beginning of every relationship is magic – pure bliss. Getting to know someone and sharing brand new experiences with someone we deeply care about and love can be one of the most exhilarating feelings one can encounter.

But, it so happens that these moments come to a screeching halt when reality jumpstarts into our brains and we start to wonder what happens next – where do we go from here after we have become comfortable? What is the next step to take to make us move forward? How do we progress without staying stagnant and losing the momentum and spark of our relationship?

Unfortunately, not every relationship is magic and pure bliss when the big questions come into play. In life, it so happens that we find ourselves in relationships sometimes that aren’t giving us exactly what we need.

While one partner is ready to take steps forward in the relationship, other partners are scared about moving on and stepping forward in life with someone else. Maybe they have been burned by love in the past and aren’t ready to risk getting scorched again. Maybe they are worried that this relationship isn’t the right one for them and they don’t know how to admit it. Maybe they are just not mature enough to make lifetime decisions with another human being.

The reasons are endless, but when they surface, they will cause a rift in whatever bliss bubble you had been living in.

The truth about relationships is that there is only so much you can do to make it work. Relationships are two sided, not one – you cannot keep pushing to make something work if the other person cannot contribute an equal or similar amount of effort. If you find that so often, you are the one trying, you know that there are bigger problems beneath that need to be addressed.

You cannot sacrifice your own needs and wants because you want to make someone else happy. It’s the tale as old as time – the people pleaser is never truly happy with themselves because they are so fixated on making someone else happy. It’s unhealthy and unnatural to believe you can sacrifice your own happiness all of the time to maintain a relationship with someone else.

In reality, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Eventually, you will become fed up and unsatisfied, which leads to bigger issues within yourself. You have to realize that you cannot change anybody – you can only change yourself and your situation. If someone is not emotionally fulfilling you, there is nothing you can do to fix that.

You have two choices –

You can realize that it is not enough for you and move on, giving yourself the chance to find someone who will.

Or, you can accept what it is, and accept the fate that you will be settling for less than you want out of a relationship in your life.

While not everyone is programed the same way in understanding love and affection, we all know when our needs are not being met or we feel as though we aren’t fulfilled or satisfied any longer with where we are.

It’s okay to need change in your life. It’s okay to realize your current situation is not working for you.

It’s okay to pick up and realize, it’s time to move on.