7 Things You Do When You Want Out of Your Relationship


Whether it be conscious or subconscious, sometimes we find ourselves wanting out of our relationships, but we can’t find it in us to break it off. Either we’re too comfortable where we are or our SO just means too much to us. Breaking up is hard to do.

When you’re unhappy in a relationship but feel stuck, sometimes your subconscious mind starts looking for a way out. And, you may not even realize you’re doing these things

1. You find yourself taking longer to answer their texts.

We’re millennials – our phones might as well be attached to our hands. If I’m taking long to answer your message, it’s probably because I don’t care enough to stop binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy to answer you. I mean there’s also a chance I’m busy, but it’s probably the former.

2. You do things you know they don’t like on purpose.

Remember at the beginning of your relationship, when you were still learning everything about your SO. What turn them on, what turns them off, what they like, what they dislike, etc.

In an effort to maintain a healthy and strong relationship, you’re gonna try to avoid doing the things your boo doesn’t like. However, once you get to the point where you don’t wanna be in your relationship anymore, you’re going to be doing these things on purpose, secretly hoping they push your SO away.

3. Or the opposite, you find more things you don’t like about them.

If you don’t wanna be with your SO anymore, more of the things they do are going to bother you. You’re no longer in the “aw, everything about you is so cute” stage.

Nearing the end of your relationship, it’s more like “ugh, you’re so annoying. I can’t stand these things I once thought were cute” stage. More things bug you.

4. You come up with excuses when they ask to hang out.

“Sorry, I can’t tonight. I have a family-only thing.” Do you actually though?

5. You talk to that person you know bae hates.

We all have that one person that our SO can’t stand. Whether it’s because you guys had a thing once or they just don’t give your SO good vibes, that person is very real. You and boo have talked about it and he’s asked you not to talk to this guy, so you backed off a little. But now you’re looking for an out, so it’s all fair game.

6. You look for arguments.

Normally in relationships, a couple tries to avoid arguments. Arguments don’t make anybody feel good. Someone always comes out feeling shitty, sometimes both people do. Arguments push people away from each other, so the more arguments you have, the easier it is to want to end things. No one wants to constantly be fighting.

7. Or, you just don’t care to argue about anything anymore once.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, though, if there are things that once felt worth fighting for and now they don’t anymore, that’s a bad sign. It basically means you don’t care enough anymore to try to convince your SO about what was once so important to you. Granted, there are going to be some things that just aren’t worth it. Some people are just too hardheaded to convince otherwise.

If you notice yourself doing these things – your relationship might sadly be coming to an end. But, if that’s not what you actually want, fight for your relationship – even if your mind is telling you otherwise.

When it comes to love, we lead with our hearts, and sometimes that comes back to bite us in the ass, but regardless, it’s still worth it.