21 Wine Products Every Wine Lover Needs Right F*cking Now

6. This Is Probably Wine Mug

Tell your coworkers that yes, you were drunk at the expense report meeting in the morning because it’s Friday and no one has time for that, Felicia. Get it on LookHuman.

7. A Day Without Wine Tank

Be completely honest – you drink at least a glass a day – and wear it loud and proud. Get it on LookHuman.

8. Bath & Shower Wine Glass Holder

Don’t ever forget your wine when you’re relaxing in a bubble bath – or taking a quick shower. Get in on Amazon.

9. But First, Wine Tank

Never start your day, or night, without a glass. Get it from LookHuman.

10. Wine Monopoly

Forget cars and boats and thimbles – we want to play with different colored wines with different blends. Obviously only allowed with a glass of wine in hand. Get it on Amazon.