13 People Share What Happened When They Temporarily Died, And It’s Scary AF

5. From user Axesta

Once arrived at the hospital I was put on the most uncomfortable bed ever and drifted off. I couldn’t stay awake.That’sn I saw nurses and doctors around me injecting me with things and shouting. I remember thinking that it must be serious if a doctor was shouting, as they usually don’t show panic.

I was lucid enough to laugh internally thinking “Wow.. I must be really sick if I don’t even freak out over all of these injections”and then it happened, I saw my mom crying and I thought “Holy shit.. this must be for real.”As soon as I thought that, I fell asleep. I say asleep, but I died. for exactly 2 minutes. It really feels like falling asleep, but.. for me it was beyond peaceful.

It felt like you didn’t really have to worry about anything anymore and obviously in my case – I didn’t feel sick anymore. As someone that was once suicidal – this was actually a horribly dangerous feeling as for the first time I got confirmation that dying wasn’t all that scary.

I woke up seven days later in the hospital. It took me another seven to start eating and they told me that I more than likely got sepsis from infected tools at the dentist. The scariest part was after that happened – I no longer feared dying. So I consciously try to pull myself out of a depression whenever I feel it coming. But – for whoever is scared that their loved one felt pain in death, I can honestly say – it’s a very peaceful feeling.

6. From user CDC_

I got stung by a fucking nest of wasps right next door to my home. They stung me all over my head, neck, behind my ears. 39 stings the doctor counted.

It was insane. I ran away as fast as I could, the nest was on the door of a garage I had just come out of and bumped. I got home and was like… ok… I’m ok. I’m cool. Told my mom I got stung by some bees but I thought I was ok.

She didn’t seem too worried. I decided to go take a shower. I began feeling dizzy and my back started hurting.

I quickly turned the shower off and got my clothes on and began feeling dizzier and dizzier. Then when I came out of the bathroom my mom looked at me and had a look of horror. Told me to get in the car immediately. My face and head had swollen hugely. We lived just around the corner from the hospital, so she just drove me.

Between my house and the hospital I started losing consciousness. Everything I saw had a yellowy tinge and I suddenly felt very heavy and tired. My breathing got very labored, but I sort of of didn’t care. I felt like I was slipping away into sleep.

You know old TVs, when they were turned off the screen would be basically engulfed in black and the light shrank down into a pinpoint before disappearing? My vision slowly started feeling like it was doing that.

I remember arriving at the hospital and they didn’t even bother with registration, they threw my ass on a gurney and started pushing me back. As I was going back I remember closing my eyes and thinking “I guess whatever happens…” And then nothing. Just like going to sleep when you’re SUPER exhausted. I felt kind of peaceful and wasn’t really thinking about anything much at all and the lights just went out.

Some minutes later I opened my eyes and a very large man was staring at me, smiling and said “Well bad news, you’re gonna feel completely fine within a couple of hours, you probably won’t even get out of going to school tomorrow.”

He was right.

7. From user z91x

When I was 14 and at a party, I drank way too fucking much. (I was sort of an alcoholic even at that age, due to easy access to alcohol at the time. Also a family full of alcoholics who didn’t give a fuck.)

Woke up on the bathroom floor vomiting my guts out, in and out of consciousness. I could faintly hear my brother in the background, calling for an ambulance.

Woke up in a hospital bed where the doctor said I had been dead for 2 minutes, but they managed to revive me. My BAC was 0.56. In my experience, being dead was like being asleep. Absolutely no difference. No flashbacks, no afterlife that I could recall… It was exactly like sleeping. Very peaceful.

8. From user SonOfDavor

Well, nothing official and I hope this is okay, mostly for the head trip it occasionally gives me: I almost drowned in a pool when I was 5. I remember looking up and seeing my mother dismissing the lifeguard because I was “only playing” and his legs starting to break through the water because he knew better, before blacking out.

There was nothing between that moment and throwing up water after he pulled me out of the pool. Though I can remember with absolute clarity how the water made everything shimmer as I was looking up, and sometimes I see that swimming shimmer as I’m walking around outside or if the light is really bright. And I can’t help but wonder in those moments if my entire life, all my failures, successes, falling in love with a woman and having two children with her, the love of my life cheating on me, if everything for the last 30 years is just all inside my head during the last few moments before I die, still in that pool.

9. From user deag_bullet

I was in a serious car accident (hit by a drunk driver) a week before my high school graduation. Without going into all the gory details, I lost so much blood that they declared me dead. Although I do not remember much, between the rescue workers extracting me from my car and a tree and waking up three weeks later, I do remember feeling very warm and seeing lights. I’ve always believed it was due to medications and moving between areas with different lighting, but I’m open to otherworldly suggestions.

10. From a user who has deleted their account:

When I was a kid I needed eye surgery a few times. The last time I, at 7, told the doctor I couldn’t do it today because my asthma was acting up. The doctor ignored me and put under anesthesia regardless. I had an attack, as I fucking knew I would, while under anesthesia and my heart stopped.

I remember the anger at the doctor, and then feeling something soft on my hands upon waking up with absolutely nothing in between. I was blind when I woke up and don’t remember when I regained the sight, maybe a day or two later. It may have also been really thick bandages with my eyes closed, I just remember not being able to see anything thus I latched onto the stuffie my sister or mom handed me. It was like waking up from a deep sleep, the kind you get after a hard day at work in a nice comfy room.

One moment you’re just awake like someone pressed the start button on the controller that is your mind and body. So, it doesn’t hurt. The heart stopping must’ve hurt and the asthma attack, but actual death is painless. It isn’t scary, though like all humans I do fear it. It also isn’t some magical experience… you’re just sleeping, except sometimes you can wake up from it, like I did, and sometimes you can’t, like my daddy who died when I was a child. It is sad though cause it’s nothing… life is smelly and loud and busy and interesting and fun and colorful and death, death is absolute nothingness.

11. From user Hobojesse

Two months ago I was OD’d on anesthesia in an oral surgeons office. Coded in the ER and was dead for under a minute, but fuck it, it counts.

Between me going out and me waking up in the ICU there is nothing. No black void, lost loved ones, messages from the other side. Nothing. Processing it since then, I don’t know if there’s nothingness is comforting or terrifying.