Emilia Clarke Admits She Doesn’t Think Daenerys Will End Up With Jon Snow

With the Game of Thrones Season Seven finale premiering tonight on HBO, people are anxiously awaiting the 80-minute long episode and wondering just what is going to go down. While we all think Daenerys and Jon Snow are going to end up getting it on – Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, says she really doesn’t think that Jon Snow is “the one.”

In fact, she doesn’t even think Daenerys will end up with Jon Snow at all. In a post-episode interview on the Game of Thrones YouTube page, Clarke opened up about the love interests in Daenerys’ life and specifically spoke about Ser Jorah.

Clarke admitted:

“The thing about Ser Jorah is that he has been the one from the very beginning. I think he has an ability to see right through her.” She also called him, “The One.”

As for Jon Snow, she implied that Dany and Jon aren’t “really into each other,” which, is pleasantly surprising. Is Clarke trying to throw us off and steering us down a different path of theories so when they do have sex, we’re shocked again? Possibly.

But, who knows Dany better than the actress who plays her?