Margot Robbie Looks Completely Unrecognizable On Set Of Her New Movie

Here comes the Queen.

Margot Robbie is without a doubt an extremely beautiful woman and a talented actress. We’ve seen her grace the big screen as a blonde beauty not taking Leonardo DiCaprio’s BS in Wolf of Wall Street and also with messy makeup and pink and blue colored pigtails in Suicide Squad.

So when she stepped out on the streets looking like this, people were understandably shocked.


Robbie is practically unrecognizable in her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in the biopic Mary, Queen of Scots, and if this transformation doesn’t help her get into character, I don’t know what will.

At first glance, I honestly thought we were about to get a Hocus Pocus 2. And, of course, people on twitter had a few other ideas as to what Robbie looked like.

Others were simply impressed by the realistic portrayal.

The make-up and hair designer is named Jenny Shircore and her work has been recognized before by the Academy. She was also a part of this year’s Beauty and the Beast. There’s no denying her attention to detail and incredible skill with Robbie’s high forehead and small pox scars scattered across Robbie’s face.

This look probably won’t catch on like the pink and blue pigtails did last summer, but Robbie is still serving.