20+ Scenes In ‘Mean Girls’ That Bother People To No End

“Mean Girls” is one of those movies that no matter how many times you see it, it’ll never get old. The film about “mean girls” in high school seems to be a favorite of many millennial women, seeing as it’s both petty and hilarious all at the same time.
But, like most popular things in society, as we progress–we realize that there’s a lot of problematic incidences and scenes in the movie. BuzzFeed asked their community what the most problematic parts of “Mean Girls” were, and they pointed out some pretty damn good points as to why it’s pretty awful.

27. Poor word usage:

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Regina used the R-word. Not a fan. Even though it something a teen might say realistically, it just makes it okay for everyone else to say it. Let’s stop using that word, shall we?


26. And, more poor word usage:

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The principal using the word fag in front of a classroom.


25. This isn’t World Star:

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This whole girls fighting scene. It would never happen in real life. Slap would be probably the most extreme but we got to see girls throwing one another down the stairs. Like what?


24. Bad teacher:

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When the principal introduces Cady to the class (which wouldn’t happen), Ms. Norberry welcomes the African American student. But she’s clearly been teaching this class for a while and knows her students. Why does she not know this girl has been in her class the whole time?


23. Horrible views on the female body:

The fact that they kinda used weight as a joke. Not just with Regina, but with one girl (if not more) in the Burn Book. But I get that it’s how real mean girls sadly work, so ??‍♀ that’s kinda the whole point of the movie. Telling the truth about how harsh high school can be, even if it’s for comedy


22. Poor representation:

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I feel like Damien’s character was too much of a gay stereotype to function. Like that he was in the ladies room and in the girls’ heart to heart session. Like he set LGBT acceptance back five years.
Also, it really bothered me that the insane bitchiness was isolated to the junior class. Like if there are problems with that juniors it definitely bleeds over to the seniors and sophomores.
But I also hate how its treated like the only good teen movie of the last 20 years. It’s good but overrated.


21. No supervision:

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I’ve always been annoyed how there was no consequence when Janis and Damien tricked Cady into skipping class by showing her the “back building.” I know at my high school you got in a hell of a lot of trouble for skipping class.

Jacob McCleery

20. Bad production:

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Can’t remember what part this is, but in a phone conversation between the girls, it is night time for regina and gretchen but day time for cady??? like does cady just have really bright lights in her house? its always bugged me


19. Fake breast implants:

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The part when Cady is first introduced to Reginas mom and she’s holding the little dog and it starts to bite her nipple and she has no reaction!!! FYI breast implants do NOT inhibit sensation to the nipple or any other part of the breast (unless for some reason it was a fake nipple..?) and that would hurt like a bitch whether you have implants or not.


18. Dress code violations out the wazoo:

The Plastics’ outfits at school, including Regina’s nonchalance with her cut shirt. We got sent home for bare shoulders, and they’re out here strutting around in mini skirts and crop tops? No.


17. Unhealthy relationships:

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How Aaron got back with Regina so quick.