This Crazy Theory Could Change The “Game of Thrones” Ending Completely

With the Season Finale of Game of Thrones premiering on Sunday and Season Eight beginning production in the Fall – there’s a lot of things on our mind. For one, the White Walkers are coming and in big, big numbers – not to mention now they have a dragon with them. But, how is this series going to wrap up? How can producers and writers make it worth our while?

We need something big. A big plot twist, a crazy event that comes right out of left field – something no one saw coming. But, of course with theories everywhere, there will always be one person who says: “I knew it!”

One theory about the Game of Thrones ending is both joyous and wild – which means it’s probably not true, but also, can very much be true.

The immediate threat at the moment seems to be the White Walkers approaching The Wall, looking to kill everyone to join their army. While everyone is primarily concerned with this – and if Dany and Jon are going to f*ck – they’re forgetting some key elements of the show and the books that could really change the end game entirely.

Bran Stark may seem like he’s lost his marbles and he’s gone all stoic, but he also has some abilities that are game-changers. For one, he can see the future. But, he’s also a Warg and has seen the world through other people and animals. We’ve seen him turn into Hodor and into wolves before – but we’ve never seen him turn into anything else. According to numerous fans of Game of Thrones, it’s easy for Bran to change into direwolves because he’s done it so many times before. He was also able to turn into Hodor because Hodor was mentally handicapped.

But, since Bran is such a skilled Warg and perfecting his abilities, who is to say that he wouldn’t be able to change into a dragon or The Night King?

If Bran were to change into the Night King or even the White Dragon that is now part of the Army of the Dead, he can have the ability to control them for a certain period of time. Knowing that he has this ability, he can be a solid ally and help in the battle that is to come. Of course, he’d have to tell people of his powers first – especially Jon Snow – which means also telling him that he’s not a Stark, but a Targaryen.

There’s going to be a big battle coming – probably not until Season Eight – but when it happens, we know epic things are going to go down. It’s probably safe to assume that Jon may not find out he’s a Targaryen until Season Eight, too.

And, while we know it won’t be done for at least another year or two – there’s no better time to rewatch the entire series for clues.