Brace Yourselves, Justin Bieber Just Dropped A Brand New Song

Whenever Justin Bieber drops a new single, I literally have to brace myself for the number of times I will hear it on any given day – via radio, stores, walking down the street and girls whistling it on campus. After the reign of Despacito took over Summer 2017 – the Biebs decided to end off our summers right with a new song – “Friends.”

I’m not going to lie to you – it’s not my favorite. I’m not a huge Bieber fan, to begin with, however, I do like some of his songs and think they’re catchy. Plus, nothing makes me love life more than seeing my 2-year-old nephew dance to Despacito.

Friends seems to be speaking about someone special in his life or – a perspective someone in his life – that he’s interested in romantically. So, of course, the lyrics are relatable to everyone which means – we’ll be hearing it for the next 2.5 years on repeat. The beat is pretty solid as well, which means the next time you’re out at the club, DJs everywhere will be remixing it.

The awesome part of this song is – Bieber produced it himself. It’s great to see artists making strides in their careers and moving up from simply performing to actually being able to craft their own art entirely. So, way to go, Biebs.

Plus, the song only dropped today and people cannot stop downloading it.