This Incredible Judge Judy Case About A Dog Will Honestly Make You Cry Your Eyes Out

No, it wasn’t anything from Titanic.

Judge Judy. An icon. A legend. Truly the only television judge that I believe deserves an hour slot every Monday through Friday. She’s delivered sass, attitude, and, most importantly, does not have any patience or time for any nonsense in her courtroom.

In all honesty, she also rules the cases in a way that never leaves me disappointed.

So when a new case emerged involving a man, a woman, and a dog, it was bound to be an emotional one because everyone knows relationships with pets are important bonds in our lives.

The plaintiff was suing for the small pup he declared was his while the defendant claimed she bought the dog and therefore it was hers; she also brought out veterinarian documents about what kind of dog it is.

But buying a dog on the street from a random person doesn’t exactly make the dog yours, so Judge Judy demanded the dog be brought in. Immediately, the court was in awe of this cute little dog until Judge Judy ordered the dog to be put down on the ground to settle the case in Air Bud fashion.

The defendant was obviously emotional as he began calling out to his “baby boy” and the puppy jumped up at him, covering him in licks and wagging his tail before Judge Judy finally closed the case with a simple, “That’s it. Take him home.”

You can watch clips of the case and the emotional finale below.