23 People Reveal The Very Moment They Realized Their Partner Wasn’t ‘The One’

In relationships, we’re often times looking for that special someone we can spend the rest of our lives with. While we go through plenty of relationships throughout our lifetimes, we’re always trying to envision a future with each partner, trying to figure out if they’re “the one” for us. Sometimes, things come together, the stars align and we fall in love with the perfect person for us. Other times, we think they’re “the one” and find out in the hardest ways, they’re just bad news. The people of Reddit are here to help us out in the predicament of love and loss.

1. DunkandEgg:

Had stage 3 cancer. One day my SO says to me “I am a happy person. And right now, with all your health issues, I am not happy. I deserve to be happy”. We broke up that day. 3 years down the drain.

2. teh_pwnererrr:

Used her car as a ladder to break into my second floor apartment through the window, look at all my emails and instant message history, break a bunch of shit and wait for me while crying to tell me she was pregnant, which turned out to be a lie which I found out after she also lied about getting an abortion.

3. KR60:

When I walked outside the pub and saw her making out with a complete stranger.

4 years down the drain but at least I dodged the bullet of marrying her. Thankfully I’ve met a much better woman since then

4. RoyalLow:

My wife of 13 years and the mother of my two children, seemingly out of the blue, claimed she had a “spiritual awakening” and can now see the future, communicate telepathically with animals, and can talk to angels. The angels told her to have an affair with another married man.

5. DanGleeballs:

“Buy me that handbag” on our first date. I laughed when I saw the £1,000 price tag. She was serious.

6. Itabliss:

Took him to Urgent Care one night about midnight. He had bronchitis. We didn’t get home till 2AM. I got up a few hours later and went to work. He was a baby for a week, but made a swift recovery.

Two weeks later, I was running a fever and miserable. He wouldn’t take me to urgent care. I could barely walk a straight line. When I finally get to the doctor, I have a double ear infection, strep throat, and walking pneumonia. It took me two months to fully recover. Asswipe.

7. Psychotic_Apes:

My ex told me she might be pregnant, and a few weeks later, I saw her drinking at a bar with her friends. I asked her what the fuck she was doing, and she admitted she lied because she thought I was going to break up with her, so I did.

8. Nymaz:

God, it’s been more than a week since your mother died. Aren’t you over it YET?”

Fuck. You. Goodbye.

9. mellowdroneCRB:

When she deliberately got me and my friend, let’s call him John, beat up. Went to a party she was attending, per her request. Get out of the Uber and 15-20 guys approach me and my friend, yelling the same question, “you like to hit girls, huh, huh!?” Never have crossed that thought and absolutely despise domestic abuse. But she intentionally told every guy there that I hit her regularly, not sure what her motive was to this day. The guys proceeded to attack me and John before a buddy of mine (who attended the party) stepped in. He drove me and John to the hospital. Just a concussion and a swollen face later did I decide she was isn’t one.

10. dontmesswithlulu:

He blamed me for being molested from age 9-11. Said I was “old enough to say something” and wondered if I actually wanted to let it happen.?

11. HoneyBadgerPanda:

I dated this girl for 10 months. We got into an argument one night while driving and I pulled into her driveway. Took the key out of the ignition and had it in my hand while we talked. I was scratching under my bottom lip with the key and she swung at my face. Ended up catching my hand with the key and putting my car key through my bottom lip. Kicked her out of my car and drove to the hospital.

12. molotok_c_518:

Wife of 20 years slept with my ex-best friend and got pregnant. I’m sure there were signs before then that I married the wrong person, but that was the nuclear-bright signal flare.

13. SerDuckOfPNW:

She was getting laid WAY more often than I was. Just didn’t seem fair.

14. Thisisme2475:

She told me about the time she got so mad she crushed her pet bird to death with her bare hands. You know, because we all get so mad you just need to feel the death struggle of a small, innocent creature.

15 .pie12345678:

When he started treating our toddler the same way he treated me. When he treated me badly, I rationalised it away as being all my fault, but nothing could convince me a baby deserved to be treated like that. And once I had that realisation, I realised that I’d never deserved it either.

16. Vealophile:

We had been dating a year and he would have his friends over every night. I worked earlier than him so I went to bed earlier. On our anniversary I asked for no friends over so we could celebrate. He acted tired about an hour after I normally go to bed so we called it a night. I woke up an hour later to his friends’ voice in the living room. He just wanted me to go to sleep so he could get back up and invite them. Also we had a problem of him telling me sex more than once a week was needy and if I told him I was horny he would put a valium in my food w/o me knowing.

17. devildunkard:

Well, she stabbed me. So, that was a clue to get out.

18. BalloonBoy93:

She had a threesome…whilst I was attending my uncles funeral.

Yes we were dating at the time.

19. ThatNoise:

When I came back from Afghanistan I was struggling with PTSD, alcoholism and couldn’t get decent sleep.

Her words were “You just need to get over it.” We were engaged at the time and it slowly hit me this girl doesn’t ever try to empower me or instill confidence in me. You know the little things.

It didn’t take long to end after that.

20. sunshineisfine68:

The moment I had found my grandmother died I called him asking him if he’d stay over so I didn’t have to be alone. His reply “Well my dad and his buddies want to go out drinking tonight and to be honest that sounds more fun. I’ll hit you up after.”

21. Holdmeclserponydanza:

I was in a car accident and when the cop asked who could pick me up and I said him I started to cry because I knew he’d be angry at me.

The cop took me aside and she sat me down and gave me her email because she wanted me to follow up with her after the accident (presumably because that was a bad time to casually discuss abusive relationships).

He didn’t talk to me for another 4 months after my accident and then all of a sudden missed me and wanted to make it work and he was so sorry.

Fuck that gaslighting piece of shit.

22. vallie24:

The moment she laughed about my depression.

23. JohnRCash:

In college, I used to get horrible, totally debilitating migraines. I’d puke for hours from the pain, and eventually pass out when I was completely exhausted. My girlfriend of two years would nope out as soon as one started. I accepted this without question, because I’m sure it was seriously unpleasant to be around.

Awhile after she broke up with me, but while I was still hung up on her and she was still stringing me along, I hooked up with another girl. It wasn’t anything serious for several excellent reasons, but this girl who wasn’t my girlfriend, would arrange everything to make me as comfortable as possible, run cold water on a washcloth to put on my forehead, make sure I had something to throw up into, make sure my bed was cleared off and that I was comfortable, and all the other little things I’d have to manage on my own or do without if someone wasn’t there to help me. She wasn’t particularly interested in sticking around through all the puking either, but she wanted to do what she could, just because she was nice, and while we weren’t going anywhere romantically she still just wanted to help somebody who was in pain.

Sex with somebody else didn’t get me over my ex. An act of kindness and realizing how much it had been lacking in her is what got me over my ex.