HBO Hackers Now Released Unaired Game of Thrones Episodes Online

This week, HBO was the victim of a brutal and harsh hacker online that stole 1.5 terabytes of data. Along with HBO episodes and scripts, the hacker also gained employee information and other personal items from HBO’s system. Earlier this week, the hacker released the script for the fourth episode of season seven of Game of Thrones and now – the hacker has apparently released episode four in its entirety.

According to Hack Read, the hacker shared several other episodes of HBO shows with download links on their website.

They have also promised “more is coming soon.”

We here at PizzaBottle will not give you the website of the hacker or give you the link to the episode because guess what – that’s illegal and hella wrong.

Low key – f*ck hackers. They not only ruin things for the rest of us, but they disrespect and undermine people who work really damn hard to produce content for all of us to enjoy. Do we want to wait a week to watch what happens next to Cersei and Dany? No. But, will we disrespect the show runners, actors, producers and all of the other people who worked so damn hard to make this show what it is for us? F*CK NO.

Hacking companies and sites is not only illegal but also, it’s really f*cked up. And, if you are going to hack a website – why the f*ck can’t you hack into my student loans website and erase my debt?