Read This If Your IQ Is Higher Than Your Standards

Why intelligent people have a hard time dating.

Love is never easy, but when you have a brain, the game gets even tougher. The struggle is real. I long to date the man of my dreams, but unfortunately for me, most men are completely intimidated by me. When I say intimidating, I am not talking about physical appearance. My petite frame and warming smile aren’t exactly alarming. But, as far as my strong personality and wits go, men act as if I was infected with the bubonic plague.


Thoughts are constantly running through my mind. I don’t have an “On” and “Off” switch. I crave stimulating conversation and analyze everything and everyone that crosses my path. Sometimes, my logical nature can be misunderstood. I’ve been on dates before with men who can’t hold a sentence, never mind a convo. A person like myself who can talk about anything from Science VS. Religion to my theory on Kanye West’s outbursts is not going to last too long with someone who can hardly muster up a “Yes” or “No” answer.

As an analytical person, I tend to overthink…a lot. I find analyzing can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, I have a solution for every problem, but when analyzing a relationship, sometimes you start to weigh the pros and cons a tad more than you should.

I end up giving the person I am interested in the benefit of the doubt (even when they don’t deserve it) just because I am familiar with seeing all sides of every situation. As wise as I may be, my understanding nature ends up biting me in the ass. On a more positive note, my no bullish*t, straightforward ways make it very easy for me to cut ties with those who can’t keep up.

The reason why smart people take a longer time finding that special someone?

Their focus is on their achievements. Sensible people use their brains before their hearts. They are goal-oriented, and frequently put love on the back burner. Flying solo is appealing to these types of people because you have full control of your decisions. With relationships, having full control is not the case. Dating is a process and Rome was not built in a day.

Never regret your decision to put yourself and your accomplishments before another person. Eventually, you will meet your match, and by that time, you will have obtained all that you have imagined.

And your future mate? Well they will have been patiently waiting for you too.