Forget Beer Pong, Prosecco Pong Is Going To Be Your Classy New Party Game

There’s no better way to liven up a party than by breaking out some competitive drinking games. Of course, everyone’s go-to has long been beer pong – where you set up the infamous solo red cups and get your Kobe on. But – beer pong has always been more “frat party” than chic, semi-adult party and, to be honest, after a while everyone gets sick of drinking piss-warm beer.

But, company Talking Tables has released a new, classier version of beer pong – using our favorite fancy-shmancy beverage…Prosecco.

For only $25.00, you can get yourself the entire party kit (cups and balls) and then, you can go out and purchase your favorite brand of Prosecco. Sounds pretty lit, right?

Get your ‘secco on, guys.