Dad Accidentally Filmed The Wrong Girl At His Daughter’s Graduation #DadFails

Excitement gets the best out of all of us.

One of the most common and popular ways to save a moment is through pictures and video, which is why one dad took the approach to film his daughters’ college graduation. But, in typical dad fashion, there might be a slight mistake made along the way.

While filming daughter Georgia Wilde’s walk during the graduation ceremony, the dad must’ve been a little distracted by his excitement and how proud he was of her because he wound up focusing the video on another girl! Luckily, Georgia and her great sense of humor allowed us to see the actual clip in a tweet.

In a crowd of similarly robed and capped graduates, her dad begins zooming in on another girl walking away until Georgia creeps up into the shot as laughter erupts both on and off camera. Then we get the cutest dad reaction to the mistake: “I got carried away then,” he laughed. “I was looking at the wrong one.”

To make this situation even more funny, Georgia revealed she graduated with a filmmaking degree.