Tinder Just Offered These Two College Students A Getaway To Bring Them Together

You’re gonna Super Like this.

Everyone’s familiar with Tinder and the various reasons for its use: dating, hookups, even searching for friends with similar interests. I‘m here to say, it turns out you’ve been using Tinder wrong this whole time!!!

Two seniors from Kent State University in Ohio, Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec, matched on Tinder in 2014. Even though that’s three years ago, the two have messaged each other on the dating app this whole time and have yet to actually meet in real life.

Unlike other typical chats that happen practically instantaneously nowadays because of, you know, the internet and not having to wait for letters in the mail or someone on a horse to deliver a message, nearly all of Arendas and Avsecs’ messages have been sent months apart.

The ongoing joke began after Avsec started off the discussion with a simple “hey” and Arendas took two months to respond, citing phone charging issues.

Although they’re strangers, they both seem to share the same humor which is important for any good relationship. They’ve also shared their own difficulties and heartache.

And a conversation lasting this long has obviously led the Internet to believe there’s only one way to handle the situation: the pair needs to get married.

One problem though, Internet! Like I’ve mentioned before, the two have still not met! However, Tinder is here to solve this problem because they offered the two a trip to any city they’d like so they can finally meet.

After serious discussion, Avsec and Arendas have mutually decided Hawaii seems like a pretty good place to go on a first date.

Tinder was also kind enough to make sure their trip to Maui won’t be as delayed as their messages and first actual meeting.

To summarize, you’re not truly succeeding on Tinder unless you’re sharing jokes with a stranger and get offered a vacation.

Hoping they have a lot of fun in Maui!