Woman Carries Her Sister’s Twin Babies After She Has Nine Miscarriages

Some stories are just too beautiful not to share.

Melissa Kayser was a 33-year-old aspiring mother who had spent years trying to conceive. She spent over three years on IVF treatments and unfortunately, she suffered through nine miscarriages.

Any woman would be emotionally and physically exhausted from the trauma of losing a baby once, let alone nine times. But, Kayser did not give up her dreams of becoming a mother – she just looked for a different way to do so.

When women are unable to have children of their own – to carry them themselves – they often times look to either surrogacy or adoption. But, when Kayser’s older sister, Lisa Auten, said she would love to volunteer as her surrogate – Kayser was in awe.

Doctors were weary that Kayser’s eggs may not survive in Auten’s body, as there were several complications. However, nine months after implanting – Auten gave birth to twin girls. Tierney and Ashlynn were born.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant and given birth can tell you – it’s a life-changing experience. For someone to carry a baby – let alone two – for nine months and go through the agony of childbirth for someone else – that is something that only a saint would do. That proves the true meaning of selflessness.

Kayser said she will never be able to completely find the words to thank her sister for giving up a year of her life for her baby girls.


How can you not shed a tear? This is the truest form of beautiful.