This Father’s Video Of His Daughter From Birth To 18-Years-Old Is The Purest Thing You’ll See Today

Some parents set the standards pretty high when it comes to kind, adorable and sweet gestures for their kids. Like, for example, Frans Hofmeester, a filmmaker and artist from The Netherlands. Hofmeester created a 6-minute video that captures the growth of his daughter, Lotte, for her 18th birthday. The gift is something that is invaluable and so touching, it’ll bring a tear to your eye. From the day she was born, Hofmeester had been shooting portraits of his daughter, all in the same style, and created essentially a time capsule of her life from 0-18. It’s absolutely incredible.

Low-key, I wish my dad had done something like this for me growing up. It shows just how much he loves his daughter and how proud he’s been to watch her grow up over the years. This is something I’m sure Lotte will keep close to her for the rest of her life. Dad of the year, for sure.