This Blind Date Gone Bad Is Going Viral Because The Guy Is A Total D*ck

Blind dates can often times be nerve-wracking and horrible. Other times, they can be blissful and introduce you to “the one.” And, then, there are those times when one person has a great time on the date and the other person is a complete and utter f*cking d*ck.

Cue: the tale of Alyssa and Billy.

Time Out New York runs a vertical called “Undateables,” and pairs two people together who deem themselves, well, undateable. 24-year-old video production manager Alyssa from Astoria and 24-year-old actor Billy from the Upper East Side were paired in this particular rendition of their section.

While the blind date was not wedding bells and white dresses, it was clear that Alyssa tried to make the night semi-fun and Billy, well – Billy f*cking sucks.

What happened you may ask?

Well –

The first impressions were both off – Alyssa thought Billy was nice and charming while Billy thought there was no connection from the get-go.

Onward –

Alyssa felt that throughout their date, there was no spark. But, she did say she had a nice time with Billy and would enjoy his company as a friend.

Billy on the other hand…

Billy said the date was a complete waste of time. He flipped out because Alyssa ordered her steak “well-done,” and, she ordered dessert. Apparently, this not only upped the bill, but upped the amount of time he had to spend on the date. He said that she basically “burned two hours of his time.”


Twitter was not having it.