People Are Sharing Their ‘Divorce Selfies’ On Instagram & We’re Here For It

Happily Ever Divorced.

It’s a universal truth that sometimes in life, nothing works out as planned. Sure, you may marry someone and think you’re going to spend “forever” with them – but guess what? Life sucks. Sometimes, life f*cks you over and something happens to make you realize – oh sh*t, I definitely don’t want to spend forever with this person.

And, that’s where the beauty of divorce comes into play. You can always have a redo in life. It’s like having that extra life in Super Mario Bros. when you’re almost at the end of the game – you can try again.

While many people have a bad taste in their mouths about divorce, there are some couples who divorce happily and – share selfies.

That’s right, people on Instagram are now sharing their #divorceselfies after signing their divorce papers at court – because, we must share everything on social media.

And, then, there was this savage: 

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