Instagram’s Latest Feature Is Perfect For Anyone Sick And Tired Of Seeing The Same People’s Selfies Over And Over Again

We all know what it’s like to follow/be friends with someone on social media who you just don’t want to see/hear from anymore.
While there may be no “real drama” between you two, you just get really tired of seeing their selfies every single day, or their ridiculous political views all up on your feed. One would think that the easiest solution would simply be to “unfollow” them–but, any social media user knows that this can cause more drama than we’re interested in.

Twitter, however, has had a feature for some time that we’ve all taken advantage of–the mute button. Therefore, you still “follow” the person, their posts just don’t appear on your timeline. People have been begging Instagram to follow in Twitter’s footsteps and add a mute button of their own.

Now, all of your prayers have finally been answered because Instagram has officially released a “mute” button–which, allows you to mute anyone you follow (or don’t) on the app. All you need to do is click on the three dots on any user’s photo, and click “Mute.” You can then choose if you want to just mute their posts, or also their story.


If you mute someone on Instagram, you can still view their page/photos and receive DM’s from them, you just won’t see their posts and/or story on your feed any longer. People online have been extremely excited and happy that the photo-sharing app has finally delivered.

Bless up.