OMG, Lindsay Lohan & Ron Weasley Are Starring In A New Show Together

Wait WHAT?!?

People have been talking about Lindsay Lohan’s career comeback for quite some time. For a few years, Lohan has struggled immensely with drug use and other personal issues, which has put a stall on her career in acting. But, fans have still, longingly been by her side through her problems – because lets face it, Lohan some of our favorite childhood movies.

Recently, Lohan has spoken about getting clean and jump-starting her career again. And, while it may not be a Disney movie – it’s official – she is making a slight comeback to the big screen.

According to her Instagram, Lohan is getting a little help from another famous red-head – Rupert Grint – or as we know him, Ron Weasley.


She posted this photo on her Instagram page, promo-ing the show Sick Note, which is a British TV show she is currently filming for.

The TV show airs on British channel Sky1 and is currently filming for their second season, which Lohan will be featured in.

Fans have been so excited about her acting comeback, that they’ve taken to Twitter to congratulate her and share the love.

People have also been excited since Amanda Bynes had given her first interview in four years, and discussed her acting comeback, as well.

We’re excited to see what Lohan has in store for us!

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