Forget Rompers, Lace Shorts Are The Latest Trend For Men This Summer

Show off those legs.

A few weeks ago, some bros caused some crazy reactions online when they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for RompHim – rompers for men. Not everyone was totally into the idea of men wearing rompers, but they definitely did stir up some controversy online and social media – as people were laughing at hilarious photos and memes of guys in one pieces.

Now, there’s a brand new trend circling the web for men this summer  – lace shorts and shirts.

Hologram City – a clothing company – launched this line after a NYC based rapper sported them in a music video (if you’ve ever heard of Cazwell). Basically, they all wore matching shorts and shirts and now, men are seriously dying to get their hands on these bad boys.

Unlike RompHim, they’re not that expensive. In fact, you can get the shorts and shirt for $50/piece, which means, you can buy them in all different colors.

But, Twitter is having mixed reactions on how they feel about these trends lately.


So, what’s your take on these?