This Bride Got All Her Guy Friends To Take Her Bridal Photos With Her

This is amazing.

If you’re a girl, you know how hard it is to come by good girl friends sometimes. In fact, girls can be caddy, petty and out-right b*tchy most of the time. When you grow up in a field that is scarce with women, it can be even harder to find some long-time friendships.

Take Rebeca Sinohara from Brazil. 

Rebeca is a 24-year-old computer engineering student who doesn’t really have many girl friends. According to Rebeca, the field she is studying in lacks female students – there were only 4 girls total in her entire class. Due to this, her closest friends are mostly guys.

When her wedding day rolled around, she knew she wanted to have the traditional bridal party pictures, but lacked the estrogen to produce a solid crew of women – so instead, she asked her closest guy friends to partake in the tradition.

The results?

The most amazing bridal photoshoot ever.

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Rebeca said that growing up, she had girl friends, but none of whom have remained super close like her group of guys. She told BuzzFeed that her guy friends were excited about the idea and they were 100% down for it all.

Of course, the Internet was obsessed with this – because it’s f*cking awesome – and goes to show every girl out there that you don’t need 10 close girl friends to make your wedding memorable.

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