The 7 Types of Professors We’ve All Had in College

Some of them are just….no.

Whether you’re a high school student anxious to see what your professors might be like, or a currently in college looking to read some relatable content, we can all agree that we’ve all had the same types of teachers throughout all our years of schooling. Whether it’s the professor who refuses to pass you or passes you a little too easily, the same types of professors make an appearance in our lives throughout all four years of college. In this list, I have compiled all four years of your life into one post. This is the 7 types of professors you’ll have in college.

1. The professor who wants to be liked.

While this professor is cool, sweet and usually hilarious, they desperately want to connect to their students and feel young again. You might hear them using words like swag and dope while talking about linguistics or the pythagorean theorem, and making corny jokes that you have to laugh at in order to do well in the class. Though you may not learn much in your class, you might get a friend out of it!

2. The one you cannot understand.

Whether this professor mumbles or has a thick accent, you never have a clue what they are talking about. Oh and don’t bother asking them to repeat themselves. Trust me, you still won’t understand the second time around.

3. The liberal.

You will learn the most from this professor throughout your four years. Not exactly about the class you are taking, but you will definitely gain an understanding of benefits of weed and the free the nipple movement. After this class, you’ll have a new view on the world you never knew existed.

4. The high maintenance professor.

The high maintenance professor has minimal chill to say the least. This class is almost impossible to pass because of how much work is assigned and how exactly it has to be turned in. If your essay is missing a staple or the edges of your paper or bent by the slightest, you can consider your assignment to be garbage.