10 Funniest Moments You Realize You’re Becoming Your Parents

We’ve All Been There.

Growing up is hard. Coming to the realization that you are turning into your parents as you grow up is even harder. Here are the top ten moments when you truly realize you are becoming your parents.

1. You can’t hear anything anymore, even though it was repeated five times. 

2. Whenever the house is messy you get mad that “no one helps around here.” 

3. You start looking for any discounts/sales you can find.

4. Your new shopping spots are Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

5. You complain about your peers and the youth of this generation.

6. But you still secretly try to keep up with the new lingo because you want to be young and hip.

7.You tell the same stories a million times because you think you’re hilarious.

8. You no longer care what people think or say about you. 

9. You have become the mom of your friend group.

10. But you love it because what’s better than being like parents as awesome as yours.