Nicki Minaj Is SERIOUSLY Paying Off Fans’ Student Loans

We’re not kidding.

Many people hate on Nicki Minaj because she’s a female rapper. They believe that because the lyrics in some of her songs can be explicit or filled with profanity, that means she’s uneducated and unintelligent. This could not be more false.

Nicki Minaj is actually a college graduate and she knows a thing or two about student loans – she’s just like us. In light of this, she decided to go on Twitter and pay off some of her fan’s student loans –or help them with supplies they need for college. She’s trying to create a wave where her fans will be excited about getting an education and insists they keep their grades up.

No, it wasn’t a scam.

It all started when one fan jokingly asked the artist to pay for his college tuition after she was offering free flights for fans to concerts as a giveaway contest.

Instead of ignoring the request, Nicki Minaj offered to pay for his tuition – under one condition.

And thus – a movement was born. Thousands of Nicki Minaj fans were tweeting at the female rapper asking for financial help with college. And, she answered a lot of people, asking them for their bank info. and requesting they DM her their proof of GPA. If her fans kept their grades up, she’d help them with their tuition.

One person showed her their 4.0 GPA and she asked if they needed help with tuition:

Another fan asked if she would help a “fellow immigrant” go to college, and Minaj wanted to know if finances were the only thing stopping her from enrolling.

Another fan said she only needed $1,000 to enroll in her summer courses and Nicki was happy to help.

She also helped out a dozen more fans who tweeted her about helping with their tuition and school fees. She even said she would do the contest again in a month or two – realizing that she can actually make a difference in these kids’ lives.

It’s refreshing to see an influencer out there help their fans in such a huge way. Way to be an inspiration, Nicki.