15 Mental Health Red-Flags That Mean It’s Time To Get Help

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

11. Losing drive and ambition.

“A friend of mine was always a great student and she always stayed on top of her work. Then, she started skipping classes a lot and handing in her work late. She ended up dropping half of the classes she was enrolled in. It was definitely a huge sign.”

12. Apologizing or feeling like a burden. 

“I felt like anything I do or said was a problem amongst people I love and care about. I stopped talking to my boyfriend about my feelings and problems because I thought I was burdening him. I felt like my mom was even sick of hearing it at one point.”

13. Overthinking about things that are completely irrational. 

“I thought it was normal, but after seeing a therapist, I realized I needed treatment because I would think everything in my life was falling apart. I thought my relationship was going to end, my friends hated me, my professors thought I was stupid. It sounds crazy, but it’s more common than not.”

14. Being unorganized and having a lot of clutter. 

“I knew my daughter was having problems when her room and her car were a mess. She had no energy to clean or organize, she would leave food in her room, clothes everywhere. Not saying that everyone who is messy needs help, but it was a tell-tale sign for me as a mother.”

15. Forgetfulness.

I found that when my depression and anxiety acted up the most, I forgot to do things. I’d forget that I had a paper due or forget that my boyfriend asked me to pick up milk on the way home. Little things and important things.”