15 Mental Health Red-Flags That Mean It’s Time To Get Help

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Detaching from everyone in your life.

“I’d definitely say that when you feel that someone has detached from you for a long period of time, like having no contact with them is definitely a sign of a bigger problem.”

7. Barely recognizing yourself anymore.

“I knew I needed to seek outside intervention when I was acting out in self-destructive ways that wasn’t me. I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore.”

8. Living in a cloud of negativity.

“One of my best friends needed help badly and I noticed because they were in a bad state of negativity all the time. Every conversation we had was focused on the bad in their life or what could go wrong.”

9. Very short answers and conversations. 

“The biggest trigger is when you are talking to someone if they’re being very short with you in answering. Not caring to tell you how they are, one word answers. I mean it’s a toss up but in my own experience it’s a huge warning.”

10. Staying in bed for days. 

“In December, my ex girlfriend committed suicide and to be honest with you she was struggling with depression for years – the signs that she would show when I was with her was that she’d sleep a lot like days in bed.”