15 Signs You’re Seriously Addicted To Coffee

I’ll have another. Two.

1. The first thing you think about in the morning is “I need coffee.” 

2. You never want just one cup. 

3. The barista at your regular coffee shop knows your order by heart.

4. You feel uncomfortable when your friends don’t have coffee at their house. 

5. You’re an animal before you have your caffeine. 

6. You never have enough coffee throughout the day. 

7. If you skip your caffeine dose, you get headaches. 

8. You get offended when your boyfriend/girlfriend forgets to order your coffee when getting breakfast. 

9. You’ve been a coffee drinker for longer than you can remember. 

10. Everyone who knows you knows your addicted to coffee.

11. If your partner doesn’t drink coffee, it’s a make or break of your relationship.

12. You started drinking your coffee black because milk and sugar is for babies. 

13. You’re very picky about your coffee type. 

15. You judge people based on their coffee orders.