People Are Sharing The Worst Ways They Ever Ruined A Date (15 Stories)

5. Thank God for people like Jared.

TIFU by buying a bottle of wine at the movies from tifu

4. Um, try waiting at least 12 hours between dates?

TIFU by setting up 2 dates, with 2 girls, on 1 night, who I had no idea happened to be best friends from tifu

3. Honestly, props to this girl for not putting up with any teenage boy laziness.

TIFU by not planning for a blind date from tifu

2. If this isn’t a bonding experience, I don’t know what is.

TIFU and ruined date night by soiling myself, and had to be driven home naked on all fours while my date gagged repeatedly from the smell from tifu

1. Yeah, I think pretty much everyone could have told you that this was a bad idea.

TIFU by taking a girl to a Holocaust museum for our first date. from tifu

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