Jason Derulo Breaks Teeth While Eating Corn On The Cob Rotating On An Electric Drill

Jason Derulo attempted to eat corn on the cob while it spun on a drill—and ended up breaking his teeth. Apparently the stunt is notorious on TikTok, and now it’s claimed another victim.


Don’t try this ????????????

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The video begins with Derulo holding an electric drill with a corn on the cob attached to it. Derulo asks the camera, “Hey, have ya’ll seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it! Lifehack.”

The singer-songwriter then attempts to eat the corn as it rotates on the drill, increasing drill speed as the video continues. Six seconds later? Derulo gives a pained shout and shows us that his front teeth have chipped.


@jenafrumes trying to make me feel better????

♬ original sound – jasonderulo

Derulo isn’t the first person to attempt eating corn on a cob this way—or the first to be injured doing so. In 2016, vlogger Eater Yang posted himself eating a rotating corn on the cob in under ten seconds. This inspired people to start using power tools to eat their food—and film the experience.

Of course, things didn’t always go as planned. A viral video from 2016 shows a girl attempting to eat corn on the drill only to have her hair ripped out of her head by the tool.

Don’t worry about Jason’s pearly whites, though! According to TMZ (and a follow-up TikTok), Derulo got his teeth fixed up soon after his accident.

Maybe stick to creamed corn for awhile?