Matt Bomer Responds To Viral Tweet “Objectifying” The Men Of “American Horror Story”

Matt Bomer apparently does not appreciate being referred to as a clone. The American Horror Story and Magic Mike actor had some words for a Twitter user who posted a picture of Bomer alongside actors Cheyenne Jackson, Finn Wittrock, Max Greenfield, and Wes Bentley—and implied they were all interchangeable.

“I could not name one of these men if someone put a gun to my head,” the tweet said, referring to the fact that all five of the men in the picture look uncannily alike. Yes, but only Wes Bentley videotaped a plastic bag blowing in the breeze very emotionally in American Beauty, and that puts him above the rest in my humble opinion.

Aside from having similar looks, all five of the actors have appeared in Ryan Murphy project American Horror Story, which prompted Bomer to make a quip comparing the men to “Hitchcock Blondes”—Alfred Hitchcock being famous for casting a particular “type” of frosty blonde actress with aristocratic bearing.

“I love all of these men and their unique talents,” Bomer tweeted. “But if you’re going to line us up and objectify us every few months like Ryan Murphy’s version of a Hitchcock blonde…then I’ve got dibs on Grace Kelly.”

Finn Wittrock chimed in as well, claiming Janet Leigh as his Hitchcock Blonde, a choice enthusiastically praised by Bomer.

Folks on Twitter offered their guesses as to who these chiseled-chin humans were as well as humorous reactions to the tweet.

Later on, the writer of the original tweet apologized, saying he honestly didn’t know who any of these actors were. Bomer was gracious in his response, saying he was just joking around.