23 People Reveal How They Caught Their Partners Cheating


We were at a mutual friends house hanging out with her and her boyfriend. He fell asleep and I heard his phone go off, I knew he’d been waiting for a text from his mom to ask her if he could stay in town another day so I checked it. It ended up being a text from a contact named “baby” saying “I know you’re cheating on me”. So I scrolled through their messages, it wasn’t just sex they had a while relationship where they would say they loved eachother. I got her number and texted her from my phone and explained the situation. They’d been dating a couple months (him and I had been together for a year) turns out the cheating she had been referring too was about another girl. There was 4 of us. All of our contact name were just different pet names “babygirl” “babe” “baby” and “cutie” –amynottage02


We were only together for a couple months, but I was getting gas one day when I saw him in the car with a girl that had come up in conversation a couple times. I had his location, but I texted him to ask what he was up to and he lied. Anyway, his roommate ended up showing me condoms in his room, and when I confronted him, he admitted it and apologized profusely. The next day, i called him and she answered the phone then he grabbed it from her and had the nerve to insinuate I’m stalking him and trying to ruin his relationship with her! Bonus: a month or so later, she cheated on him, stole some of his money and just overall fucked him over so karma is a bitch I guess. –hosannay


found a bloody pad in the garbage, wasn’t on my period and in fact i find it disgusting that he would have cheated on me with someone who’s on their period and am g l a d he’s gone. –jayapike


He forgot his phone at home when he left for work one morning. I opened up his phone and there it was. He’d been communicating with two ugly girls for two months. When I confronted him about it, he said it wasn’t cheating because he never touched them even though he sent dick pics and they reciprocated. That’s still cheating. – hannahrosep46c525402


I was with this a*hole of a guy, who on paper it look like the perfect gentleman, open the doors for me, texting me the whole time, taking me to beach days. One day after we went for a friend wedding one of the bridesmaid I met a week before she DM me on fb telling me this guy text her to go out with her, she told him he was an idiot and said no, when confront him he just told me mmm yeah and that was it. A month later another girl DM me on fb cursing me and telling me to get away from her bf, I talked with her and explaining what happened and I haven’t talked with him over a month,then she told me that she got his cellphone and it wasn’t just me who he was going out, there were 3 other women he was hooking up. I can’t still understand how he managed the time. –edithmolinal


I heard him bragging on the phone about it. TO HIS MOM! –moniquee13


this was in high school, and my bf and I had been together for a few months when this happened… we were watching tv and an ad for Indian Jones came on. I had mentioned I’d never seen any of them and he goes “oh yes you have! that was the movie that was on a couple weeks ago!” I insisted I didn’t remember and he starting going into details about what was going on during the movie (hint hint) trying to help me remember. I guess my face gave it away because he stopped mid sentence to say “oh shit… that wasn’t you…” –lindseyd42277ce55


Surprised my ex by throwing a house party to celebrate his recent job promotion. Probably 80 of our friends were there. Drink after drink the night went on. Everything was going great until I couldn’t find my ex. Went downstairs to investigate and walked in on a 3 some between my ex boyfriend and my two best friends. Stood in the door way shocked, went upstairs and downed a bottle of vodka before leaving and never speaking to any of them again. Let’s just say my trust issues have never been the same. –Justine Mkayla


We shared a bank account that i was only keeping afloat at the time to help support him through his new job/move to Philadelphia. I woke up one morning to an alert that 120 dollars was spent from our- better yet MY Chase account! I automatically go to check the IG page of this girl I noticed he recently started following. I see on her page that she had a date night at the place Chase said the card was used. I call him and blow up. He said he took himself out on my dime bc of stress. Oh word my dude? And you just so happened to jump in on home girl’s stories too?! You the worst kinda herb my dude. You the broke *ss dumb type of loser. Got my money back and deaded his whackness. –colleenw10


I was a year out of high school and my boyfriend at the time was a senior in high school. We made plans to hang out one Saturday, but said he couldn’t because he was asked to go to Prom with some girl that came into his work. When I told him I didn’t think it was ok to go out with another girl while having a girlfriend, he said TO MY FACE, “I’m not a caged animal, It’s not my fault I’m so attractive.” He was so confident in himself that he continued to tell me how he was talking to THREE other girls while still dating me and told me “if I want this relationship to continue, I have to be ok with it”. UM BYE. –K8M517