On New ‘Tiger King’ Reunion Episode, John Finlay Shows Off His New Teeth

On Sunday, Netflix dropped its new Tiger King “reunion” episode called “The Tiger King and I.” It was hosted by actor and comedian Joel McHale and followed up on some of the documentary’s main characters like Joe Exotic’s “ex-husband” John Finlay.

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In the original series, Finlay was depicted as strung out on methamphetamines—something he is well aware of now.

“I was portrayed as a drugged-out hillbilly,” Finlay said. “At that time, I was four to five years clean.”

Finley, who had some dental problems in the documentary, was also able to show off his new teeth in the reunion episode.

Finley, who was in a relationship with Joe Exotic for years also showed that he had covered up his “Property of Joe Exotic” tattoo. He is now married to a woman and wants to start a new career: working with young people who are addicted to drugs and experiencing abusive relationships.

“I want to work with the youth about drugs and abuse,” he revealed to People. “It’s time for me to take a negative and turn it into a positive.”

“I used to have a lot of pent up negative thoughts and bad aura about myself. I just quit thinking about the past and the negative stuff that’s happened to me.”

Since getting away from Joe Exotic, who should honestly be called Joe Toxic, it looks like Finlay is on his way to a better life with purpose.